The Ducazau-Leggee-Reynolds Family!

I am so excited to share this family session! I have been waiting to share because it was a Christmas gift for their parents. I love this family so much and am so grateful to have them in my life. Each and every one of them is incredible! I am so happy that I not only get to photograph them, but also to have them as a second family! We got lucky that there was a 2 hour break in a week of rain for this session. There were no chances of rescheduling and two babies in the rain never ends well.. I love every photo, but maybe because I love the people in them so much! 

If only I had this many people acting crazy trying to get a kid to smile on every shoot! I had to see what was going on behind me, all I could hear was grown men barking, and so many high pitched voices calling names! We got some great smiles out of these kids in some miserable weather. Thanks, everyone!