Tiana and Ty: Engaged

I am really trying to blog more this year! Too often I just upload photos to Facebook and call it good! Blogging gives me a chance to say a little bit more about the photos! Yes, it is also easy for you to just comment on Facebook also but would love to see what you have to say on my blog too! Sooo with that said, I give you my first photo session of 2014!

Tiana and Ty! Tiana and I went to the same high school and I was so thrilled when she emailed me about photographing her wedding! Ty is a Marine and is stationed outside of the states and there was some debate on whether or not they would be able to do a traditional engagement session.. But it all worked out and I am so glad it did!! Can't wait for your wedding!untitled-38bw untitled-62 untitled-146 untitled-94bw untitled-232 untitled-192bw